Iran's Khamenei urges fight against 'tragic' virus resurgence

The United States is adamant about prolonging the ban on conventional arms sales to its adversary which expires in October and has threatened to use a disputed legal move to force a return of UN sanctions on Iran.

In March, as Iran was being hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, White had been transferred into the custody of Switzerland, which handles US interests in Tehran in the absence of diplomatic relations.

Tensions between Iran and the United States have been on the rise since 2018, when U.S. Shi’ite Muslim Iran has long been at odds with U.S.

Gulf Sunni Arab allies the UAE and Saudi Arabia. President Donald Trump withdrew from Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal with six powers and reimposed sanctions.

At home, Kadhimi faces increasing pressure from Iran-aligned parties and paramilitary groups who perceive him as siding with the United States because he has indicated he wants to curb the power of Iranian-backed militias and political groups.

violated all provisions of the deal by its withdrawal and insisted that the arms embargo be lifted completely on its Oct.

18 expiration date.

Zarif told the council later that the U.S. “Any attempt to change or amend the timetable” for lifting the embargo is tantamount to undermining the entire resolution, he said.

Javad Jahandoust, the fire chief at the Kavian Fariman industrial complex, xvideo gay some 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of the city of Mashhad, was quoted as saying six storage tanks had caught fire, including the one that exploded.

A survey conducted this year observed 741,042 migratory birds in Sindh province – a big jump from the 248,105 birds counted in 2019, said Sindh Wildlife Department’s provincial conservator, Javed Ahmed Mahar.

(Reporting By Babak Dehghanpisheh; editing by Barbara Lewis)

On Sunday, the official IRNA news agency reported a fire at a petrochemical facility in southwest Iran, which was blamed on an oil leak.

There were no casualties.

attack that killed an Iranian commander at Baghdad airport. The Ukrainian plane was shot down shortly after take-off in Tehran, when Iran’s defences were on high alert, hours after Iran fired at U.S.

bases in Iraq in retaliation for a U.S.

DUBAI, June 19 (Reuters) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Friday accused France, Germany and Britain of serving Iran’s arch-foes the United States and Israel by drafting a nuclear resolution against Tehran.

The United States will submit a UN Security Council resolution next week to extend an arms embargo on Iran despite opposition from Russia and China, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday.

“Iran will hold a sword of Damocles over the economic stability of the Middle East, endangering nations like Russia and China that rely on stable energy prices,” Pompeo told the virtual session, referencing two opponents of prolonging the embargo.

According to Iranian state TV, two fighter jets came within a distance of 100 meters (328 feet) of the Iranian Airbus A310. The pilot of Mahan Air Flight 1152 quickly took the aircraft to a lower altitude to avoid a collision, the report said.

The sharp maneuver caused slight injuries among some of the passengers.

The release comes one day after an Iranian scientist, Cyrus Asgari, returned home.

He was arrested during an academic visit in 2016 and accused of stealing trade secrets but was cleared last year by a US court.

In a video call during which they also exchanged greetings for the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan told his Iranian counterpart that strengthening bilateral cooperation was important element in tackling the coronavirus, UAE state news agency WAM said.

The Europeans support extending the embargo but say the priority should be to preserve the nuclear accord — which is backed by Joe Biden, Trump’s presumptive Democratic rival in November elections.

Iran, Russia and Turkey, which support opposing sides in Syria’s war, agreed Wednesday to coordinate their efforts to reduce tensions in the country, whose conflict has entered its 10th year.

At home, Kadhimi is coming under increasing pressure from Iran-aligned parties and paramilitary groups who perceive him as siding with the United States because he has indicated he wants to curb the power of Iran-backed militias and political groups.

Iran shot down the Ukraine International Airlines flight on Jan. 8 with a ground-to-air missile, killing 176 people, in what Tehran later acknowledged as a “disastrous mistake” by forces on high alert during a confrontation with the United States.

The United States no longer recognizes Maduro as Venezuela’s president and has been trying unsuccessfully since early 2019 to oust the leftist leader, who presides over a crumbling economy that has caused millions to flee.

June 22 (Reuters) – Iran will send the black boxes from a downed Ukrainian airliner to France, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday, according to the official IRNA news agency.


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