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This is one of the more pricier options, but the Finnish company behind this brand has been making the Lunette Cup for more than a decade and has got the design spot on. I don’t wear tampons at night and I hate those long nighttime sanitary pads that feel like I’ve got a sausage wedged up in there when I’m sleeping. There’s no silly string I have to worry about disappearing in me like I would tampons. She recommended that I give menstrual cups a go because according to her, once you’ve tried it, you won’t ever want to use pads and tampons ever again. These cups have a specially designed rim, that is non-spill, making it very easy to empty cleanly. The Lily Compact Cup was the worlds first collapsible menstrual cup, making a popular choice for many women as a carry around cup. The Swedish designed Lily Cup is a unique design that focuses on comfort and practicality. It is very reasonably priced and offers both comfort and simplicity. There are also resources online including Put A Cup In It PACII, that offers resources and information for anyone interested in using the cup. This one comes in both disposable and reusable forms, which offers more flexibility, but over time works out to be more costly and not quite as eco-friendly.

Of course, I forgot that babies came out of the vagina so I freaked out for nothing. When it’s worn, I felt nothing. It’s very TMI. Don’t worry, there are no photos of blood but just in case you’re squeamish about reading about blood, this blog post may not be for you. Nowhere on the packaging nor pamphlet did it tell you that you have to gently turn the cup (when it’s still inside you) to remove the vacuum of the sealed rubber against the vaginal walls. This is one of the firmest cup around being made from a bit thicker silicone than most cups, but there still should be little to no feeling when inside. Overall, I’m still thrilled that I finally tried menstrual cups. Most menstrual cups are designed for up to 12 hours in you without rinsing and cleaning. They are however, a little more comfortable and easy to use.

Once I learned how to properly insert the cup and more importantly, learned how to release the vacuum upon removal, that was when I experienced a 180 degree change with the cup. This made the first couple of removals exceedingly painful because the vacuum wasn’t released. Seeing my own blood didn’t usually bother me but even seeing all that the first time was hard to stomach. When properly inserted, cốc nguyệt san you should barely feel the cup if you even notice it at all. The Moon cup is UK designed and is very basic in design, with only one colour and two sizes available. There are two models, cốc nguyệt san mtcup classic and soft, with the classic being the most popular. They are more environmentally friendly than many tampons and sanitary towels and are both convenient and comfortable as well as reusable, saving money. The classic is easier to pop open once inserted, but the soft cup once in and open is more comfortable.

As the months went by, I read more about menstrual cups and somewhere along the line, I became intrigued at the idea. As many as 13 of the studies under review found that approximately 70% of the people using menstrual cups in the study were happy to continue using the product once they had familiarized themselves with how to use them correctly. The Athena Cup is one of the newcomers to the menstrual cup scene and seems to be fairly highly rated on Amazon scoring 4.5/5 with 85 reviews at the time of writing this review. Review: My Diva Cup Verdict? The Diva Cup is made from quite a soft silicone, which helps with a smoother insertion than other cups. One night when I was browsing iHerb, I saw that they stocked Diva Cups and without further thoughts, I added it to my shopping cart. First thoughts of the cup when I saw it? Another problem I had during the first period of using the menstrual cup was the removal of the cup. When I use to use tampons I never really looked forward to having my period as I felt it slowed me down, not to mention it would cause my Ph balance to be thrown off and I never felt clean.

Sometime last year, I had a chat with a BA reader about that time of the month, tampons and sanitary pads … y’know, the stuff us women just LOVE to experience each month (sense the sarcasm in that one). This figure may be higher; according to research, around one in ten women in Australia buys all three mainstream sanitary options (pads, tampons and panty liners) every month. Babul: Women suffering from the problem of leucorrhoea may use the extract of babul bark for cleansing their vagina. The menstrual cup has a lifespan of ten years or more—in fact, it may never need to be replaced. Cheaper A Cup is a bigger investment at the start but as it only needs to be replaced periodically or every 10 years depending on Cup, the savings soon rack up. Let’s start here: Even if we weren’t in the midst of a pandemic, menstrual cups would remain a solid option for handling periods. Curiously, when you checked the location of your cervix, was it right before or at the start of your period? Saalt Co. also works hard to spread period education, donate menstrual cups and fund education for girls in Nepal. Lali Cup wants to provide all women a carefree period with comfort, ease of use and less hassle.


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