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Wooden Gadget Keys, Wooden Toy Keys, Wood Toy Keys, Wooden Toy Tips: Keys Wooden. In addition to activate the motion, wood toy types can also optimize the particular imagination and creativity of children since it must be moved, rotated, or disassembled manually. Today, our own toy store features hands-on” perform areas with plenty of toys for children to try out. All on-board the vintage wooden holiday campervan and on route to the beach.

You’ll find some Plan Toys playthings, original games from Le Plaything Van or even some doll homes from Egmont Toys. Very fun little one’s toys, can be carried in the travel and leisure. Wood toys are available for all age groups and include various attractive models. The particular wooden toys in our cooking selection are designed to encourage imaginative and innovative role play.

We were making wooden playthings and children’s furniture for our personal 3 children, and our others who live nearby, just like Al had been when he or she established The Toy Factory. This is very different from plastic playthings or other tech toys that will stay pressed and work immediately. Marques proposées: Haba, Djeco, Wobbel, Way to Play, Moluk, Crayon Stones, Grimm’s, Hape, Bioviva, Wooden Tale, Cully Cully, Minus, Ekobo, Spielba, Lubulona, UrbanHello, Ecodis, Mokulock, Flockmen, etc .

We hope our toys encourage creativity and fun too. Our raw wooden bottles are already laboratory tested to EN71 (^BS SOBRE 71-3: 2013 + A1: 2014, EN 71-3: 2013 + A2: 2014) safety tests. jouet enfant 1 an entire gamut of wooden toys comes in the store. Because we all want to provide what’s best to our little ones, we now have selected some wooden, eco-responsible playthings.

Today, we still hand-craft almost all our traditional wooden toys one-at-a-time – toy trains, airplanes, paddle motorboats – hobby horses, ball and cup games, spinning tops — magic wands and rocking race horses. Wooden playthings are also easy to repair and can end up being recycled into other types of playthings and can be stored for a long time whenever your child is no longer playing them.


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