This is the second LED headlight replacement we’ve tried this week, and it’s a keeper. It’s brighter than the $59 LED headlight replacements I tried earlier this week (LASFIT H11/H8/H9/H16 LEDs) and much, much brighter than the conventional halogen bulbs we were working to replace. The light produced by either LED replacement we’ve tried has a pleasing, steady, crisp white light and works perfectly in our 2014 Prius (Gen 3) projector headlights. Both are reasonably easy to install, and fit easily into the headlight bulb sockets on our Prius. These AH bulbs, however, are a noticeable bit brighter than the other LED replacement we tried, which is why we’re keeping them.

We wanted and needed brighter headlights so my wife can drive at night, My wife doesn’t see well in the dark after surgeries replacing the lenses in her eyes with multi-focal implant lenses and, for this reason, we tried replacing the headlights in our other car which has “reflector” style headlights. (Many LED bulbs don’t work in the “projector” style low-beam headlights our Prius has.)

It’s because of our other car with its LEDs that we know brighter LED bulbs really help her on country roads and the lower-output halogen bulbs on our Prius simply didn’t cut it for her. These bulbs, on the other hand pass the wife test and, when she’s happy, I’m happy.

Before moving on to my one worry with these bulbs, I wanted to comment on the adjustment I needed to make for the aim of our Prius’ projector headlights. Our Prius’ projector setup really constrains where the light from these bulbs goes and keeps it focused low on the roadway ahead. With these and the LASFIT bulbs I decided to return I found the Prius headlight aim was tighter and more focused in the vertical direction, and I found the reach of the beam was a little less than I thought it should be.

My solution was to turn the 8mm adjusting bolt on the back side of our Prius’ headlight housing roughly one full turn. The result, projected on my garage door with the car parked so the headlights were about 10 feet back, raised the aim of the headlight beam by about 3/4″. (See the pictures.) This produced a perfectly aimed column of light where the bulk of the light stayed long and low on the roadway but still provided good side-to-side coverage that does not blind drivers in oncoming traffic or directly in front of us and providing enough spill-over light ballast to illuminate road signs and the edges of the road. And the beam stayed low and long; even when I took our car to a darkened parking lot and bent over to look at the headlights from a height of about three feet I was not blinded by the beam, and no one has flashed their high beams at us to let us know they’re too bright.

have one concern with these bulbs. I worry that their extra-bright character is a result of pushing the light-producing LEDs to or beyond their design limits. Over-driving a LED results in extra heat being generated, and that extra heat damages and shortens the lifetime of LEDs. Some buyers have commented that their bulbs burned out rather quickly but, as I have not experienced this yet, I can’t say this is a problem. The AH engineers may have skirted the limits but not pushed past them. If these bulbs burn out, I’ll come back and add some comments to this review and knock the rating down by a star or two but, from the way they’re working right now, they’re a 5-star product. Just excellent.

And my wife is happy with these bulbs. And when she’s happy, I’m happy. 🙂


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