Nintendo PlayStation is real, and you can bid on it for $420K

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> The Nintendo PlayStation. 

Heritage Auctions The Nintendo PlayStation. It sounds wrong, like an Apple Galaxy S10 or something. But it’s a real thing, and not even the result of some kind of apocalyptic black magic. And not only does the Nintendo PlayStation exist, you can buy one — for an exorbitant price. The game system, developed around 1990, is currently up for 우리카지노계열쿠폰 auction at Heritage Auctions. At the time of publishing the current bid is $420,000 (including a 20% buyer’s fee). 

The Nintendo PlayStation (known at the time as the Play Station) was a collaboration between Nintendo and Sony in the late 1980s and early ’90s. Sony wanted into the booming video games business, so it struck a deal with Nintendo to forge the Super Disc format. An add-on to the SNES would allow it to play disc-based games (as well as music CDs), and a separate system made by Sony would play both discs and 코인카지노먹튀 cartridges. That system was the Nintendo PlayStation.

But it wasn’t to be. A day after Sony announced its partnership with Nintendo at CES 1991, Nintendo revealed it had struck a deal with Phillips for a CD-based gaming platform. The result was the Phillips CD-i, home to such luminaries as Hotel Mario, 샌즈카지노먹튀 Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: 카지노쿠폰 The Wand of Gamelon — considered three of the worst games of all time. 

Sony was scorned but not soured on video games. Three years later, it realized its disc-based gaming dreams with the PlayStation, a console that you may say went on to have some success. 

The Nintendo PlayStation is very, 우리카지노계열먹튀 very cool, but I can only think of a handful of other people who think it is $300k worth of cool.

— Palmer Luckey (@PalmerLuckey) February 14, 2020 There were said to be 200 prototype units of the Nintendo PlayStation before the partnership was torched, with this apparently being the last surviving one. Heritage Auctions says the console still works and 더킹카지노먹튀 that it tested this by playing “a few rounds” of Mortal Kombat.

Originally published Feb. 13.

Update, Feb. 14: Changes the current bid. 


In the future you could fly inside one huge wing

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, the MAVERIC really is that small.

Airbus Since the start of commercial flight, the basic shape of an airplane hasn’t changed radically. Take a long tube, stick on a pair of wings, add a tail assembly and you pretty much have an airplane. Yes, aeronautical design is a bit more complicated than that, and 우리카지노쿠폰 a Boeing 747 barely resembles a Douglas DC-3, but anyone would instantly recognize either one as an airplane.

But one day there’s a chance, albeit a small one, you may soar through the sky in a much different shape. At the Singapore Airshow on Tuesday, Airbus publicly revealed a blended-wing aircraft design it says could end up in passenger service.

A view from above shows the MAVERIC’s unique shape.

Airbus Called MAVERIC (a much shorter way of saying Model Aircraft for Validation and Experimentation of Robust Innovative Controls), the aircraft is a pilotless demonstrator that’s just 2 meters long and 3.2 meters wide. Though the aircraft has been in testing since June, Airbus has largely kept it under wraps until now.

Though similar to flying-wing aircraft like the Stealth Bomber, blended-wing aircraft have a shape where the fuselage and wing blend together without a clear dividing line between the two. In contrast, a flying-wing aircraft has no discernible fuselage at all.

Now playing: Watch this: On the road with an Airbus A380 1:06 The potential advantages of a blended-wing aircraft include a stronger structure, a lighter aircraft weight and 007카지노 quieter engines. Also, less drag from the blended shape would mean better fuel efficiency.

For passengers, Airbus says a cabin more like a large room than a tube would bring an “exceptionally comfortable cabin layout, enabling passengers to benefit from additional legroom and larger aisles for more personal comfort.” Yeah, we heard grand promises like that when the 747 and 007카지노 Airbus A380 debuted, but airlines just crammed in more seats instead. Airbus also would have to convince passengers to sit in an airplane without conventional windows.

The MAVERIC’s wide cabin could resemble more of a theater than a conventional airliner.

Airbus In any case, 바카라사이트 it’ll be a long time if you ever fly in a life-sized MAVERIC, if you do so at all. Flight testing of the demonstrator will continue through this year and Airbus hasn’t said when it could build a MAVERIC that would be flown by human crews.  

Boeing has built blended-wing aircraft, as well. Developed in partnership with NASA, the X-48 was a pilotless aircraft that flew test missions between August 2012 and 우리카지노쿠폰 April 2013. Since then, the two have continued to develop blended-wing technology. And last year, Dutch airline KLM said it’s partnering with Delft University of Technology to develop a “Flying-V” blended-wing plane. 


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