Donnie Ray Evege

Donnie Ray Evege

Founder & CEO

I am a motivational speaker, author, and philanthropist. I care deeply about the health and well-being of others. I’m a graduate and former football player of The Ohio State University. I’m the Chairman of the DEEP Foundation a 501c3, which empowers youth with educational resources, mentorship and leadership training.

I created OH2O because I believe in the importance of Health & Wellness. I started with Life’s most vital ingredient, water. With a vision of Offering Hydration To Others, OH2O was born. I’ve played sports since I was 6 years old. I played baseball, soccer, basketball, track & field, football and participated in martial arts.  As an athlete, I was always taught to prehydrate, hydrate & rehydrate.  As a youngster, we’d drink water from a large water dispenser or even a water fountain.  During and after a tough, grueling workout, the first thing we were taught to do was to hydrate.

As an athlete, you want to do things automatically. You want your skills to be on autopilot, you don’t even want to think about what you’re doing, you want your natural abilities and instincts to take over. The same thing goes for hydration as a top-level athlete or an everyday consumer–you shouldn’t even have to think about what you’re being given to hydrate with. You want it to automatically be the best possible hydration source or product available. And that is exactly what OH2O offers!

We are all Athletes in this game of life. And we all deserve the best possible hydration source possible.

So Ready Set Go with OH2O!