What is HACCP?

Hazard analysis and demanding management points, or HACCP, is a preventive approach to safety for the food and pharmaceutical industries. It goals to establish, stop and reduce potential hazards within the food chain, from production to distribution and storage. Based on risk-evaluation, the HACCP approach permits both trade and authorities to establish and audit safe meals production practices.

Who’s HACCP applicable to?

HACCP is applicable to any enterprise directly or indirectly involved in the meals chain:

Production, processing and packaging

Storage, transport and distribution

Preparation and distribution of food

Shop – retail and catering

The Ideas of HACCP

Conduct a Hazard Evaluation that includes figuring out where the risks of hazards could occur.

Dedication of Critical Control Points (CCP). CCP are factors, steps or procedures at which control could be applied and a meals safety hazard can be prevented, eradicated or reduced to simply acceptable levels.

Set up essential limits. Decide the maximum and minimal value by which hazards are controlled. The essential restrict is usually a measure such as time, temperature, pH or weight.

Willpower of processes for monitoring the CCP in order to ensure they remain within vital limits.

Determination of corrective actions in case the monitoring shows that the CCP is not within the limits.

Dedication of procedures for verification. This precept determine the effectiveness of the HACCP plan.

Record keeping. Details about the HACCP plan, procedures and demanding limits should be recorded.

Benefits of being HACCP licensed:

Improved food safety

Elevated business awareness of meals risks

Increased purchaser and client confidence

Compliance with meals law

Reduction in complaints

Reduced risk of negative publicity

An important thing about HACCP is that it’s a preventive approach to controlling meals hazards and never a product high quality one. Food companies are legally obligated to put in place, implement and keep a everlasting procedure based mostly on HACCP principles.

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